Sunday, 31 May 2009


The Writers' Party on 26 May 09 was packed, we had to get extra chairs to seat everyone who came to the Roland Levinsky Building for drinks and live performance. There were four-minute readings with excellent stories and works-in-progress by Tom Vowler, Abi Aloa, Paul Southwood and Hana Sklenkova. Tony Jones read a chapter of his autobiography set in Wales, Jack Gardner read some of his aphorisms from his bestselling book Words Are Not Things (published by Foulsham) and we had poetry performances from Shane Wolfland, Steve Spence, Jean Grimsey and Gordon Read. 
    Ann Gray read a moving and often funny sequence from her new book At the Gate which is published by Headland. There was quite a bit of trade at the book table and Jack Gardner's new range of cards and mugs with his provocative slogans and aphorisms caused quite a stir. There were a range of books by Shane Wolfland, Ann Gray, Anthony Caleshu, Gordon Read and others.  I was really delighted with the turnout and the atmosphere, with all kinds of people attending and obviously enjoying the show. I've had lots of enthusiastic messages from people who were there and we'll try to make this a regular summer event for Plymouth writers.

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Right now there's a free exhibition of Christopher Cook's graphites showing in the Peninsula Arts Gallery in the Roland Levinsky Building at the University. Christopher Cook makes extraordinary images using a suspension of graphite pigment on aluminium. His work incorporates landscape imagery and other elements but arranges them in imaginary compositions that have great poetic resonance. If you're coming to the Writers' Party at 6pm on Tuesday 26 May 2009, room 008 in the same building you might want to arrive early and see this stunning art show while you can.
    We have a full schedule of readers for the open mic, together with guest poet Ann Gray who will be reading from her new book At the Gate published by Headland.
    The Writers' Party is a free event hosted by the University and open to all. We particularly welcome students and visitors who want to find out about the Plymouth MA in Creative Writing. Wine and soft drinks will be served.