Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Three photos from John Hall's recent exhibition Artifice and Candour at the Viewpoint Gallery, Plymouth College of Art. The photos show John Hall and Lee Harwood, John Hall and Peter Hughes, and some of the frames with texts designed for domestic display. Photos by Anthony Caleshu and John Hall. Copyright text works by John Hall, used by permission of the artist and poet, all rights reserved.

Saturday, 14 March 2009


Anthony Caleshu's latest book is Churchtown: the Tale of Suzy Delou and Faye Fiddle, a novella published in paperback by new publisher Roastbooks in their series 'great little reads'. It's a southern gothic tale of sexual jealousy and religious deception, of absent fathers, country and western music, epic hatred and small town feuding. Anthony says that Churchtown was written when he was a teaching fellow at the University of Alabama in the 90s. Roastbooks are located in Albert Embankment, London, and specialize in shorter fiction. See their 'great little reads' series here.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Artifice and Candour is a poet's exhibition by John Hall, currently writer in residence at Plymouth College of Art. He describes it as 'an exhibition that sees the look of letters as a part of the play of meaning, that responds to the way that printed words, far from being rendered obsolete in visual culture, are central to its means and displays'. See for yourself at the Viewpoint Gallery, Plymouth College of Art, Tavistock Place, Plymouth, PL4 8AT from Thursday 12 March to Saturday 21st March, admission free. The text artwork that heads this item is copyright John Hall 2009, and used by permission of the poet. 

Friday, 6 March 2009


A great opportunity for emerging writers to compete for a new prize and see their work printed in this journal edited by Anthony Caleshu and published by University of Plymouth Press. Get the details here.

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Babs Horton's latest novel is coming out in Holland this spring. Recipes for Cherubs, published in paperback in the UK by Simon & Schuster in May 2008, is a mystery story with a 13 year old heroine, set in the 1960s at an old hotel on the Welsh coast. Dutch and German translations are in progress so far.
    Babs is the Royal Literary Fund fellow at the University and she spends part of her time each week helping students with their writing. She sees students one to one and has helped many of them cope with essay crises and various kinds of writing block. A professional author with 4 novels published, Babs is in the second year of her fellowship at the University. See her author's page on the Simon and Schuster website. Copyright photo of Babs Horton used by permission of the author.